Singular Logic S.A. (SLG)

SingularLogic (initially Singular) Romania has been created in 1999 as a subsidiary of the Greek system integrator and business software development company SingularLogic S.A. in Romania. SingularLogic Romania is based in Bucharest and provides the following services:

  1. Integrated IT solution for private sector,
  2. Vertical IT solutions for the Retail Sector including supply chain management and Point of Sales solutions,
  3. Integration and customisation of business software applications (ERP, CRM, Accounting, HRM, etc), and recently,
  4. Integration and support of voice-enabled products that use speech recognition technologies and are provided by the mother company.

Based on SingularLogic Group R&D policy, every company and group member participates actively into the research and development of cutting-edge tools and methodologies to improve the solutions and services of the Group.

Thus, SingularLogic Romania researchers depending on their expertise and the local exploitation potential contribute mainly in the following research areas:

  • High-complexity Transactional Software Systems in the areas of Industry, Business, Finance, Insurance, Health and Public Administration,
  • Innovative communication and interconnecting technologies, supporting interoperability between Business Applications in commerce and public sector and providing solutions and tools for distributed collaboration, content management, and integration of services,
  • Software methodologies and tools in the areas of object-oriented software, enterprise modelling, requirements specification.

In collaboration with the European Project Department of the Group they are able to share R&D know-how in several ICT R&D projects that SingularLogic is participating. SLG RO has participate as partner in the enterprise (semantic) interoperability projects OASIS and AEGIS, and in smart tracking systems projects SIMPLE and CONVERGE.

It has also access to know-how and results associated with cloud computing, on the basis of a wide range of recent cloud projects that the R&D department of the group has participated. These project’s span the areas of cloud platform management services, cloud security, extensibility of services, rapid development of new services, resource and performance management.  Relevant Projects including Cloud4SOA, RELATE, Broker@Cloud, SUCRE, PLUGIN, STRATEGIC, INVENT, PINCLOUD, EMPOWER, CYSM, DEMONS, TRACER. For example, in STRATEGIC Singularlogic has a leading role in the migration and pilot deployment of real-life cloud services for public authorities.  Likewise, in the CYSM project (which is a background project for ToyLabs), Singular has been in charge of developing a cloud infrastructure towards hosting the deployment of the risk management framework.

ToyLabs Involvement

Based on the company’s development background and experience, SLG will be leading the “ToyLabs Added-Value Components Design and Development” and “ToyLabs Integrated Platform Design and Development” work-packages of the project.

SLG will also be in charge of the following tasks:

  • Augmented Reality for End User Feedback Collection
  • Project Communication and Web2.0 Presence
  • ToyLabs Business Innovation Planning
Singular Logic (Romania)

SingularLogic Romania is a subsidiary of the Greek system integrator and business software development company SingularLogic S.A. in Romania.