FABLAB Romania

FABLAB (FABrication LABoratory) ROMANIA is a small-scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication. FABLAB ROMANIA is equipped with an array of flexible computer controlled tools that cover several different length scales and various materials, with the aim to make “almost anything”.

The organisation aims to provide the environment, skills, advanced materials and technology to make things cheap and quick, and to make this available on a local basis to entrepreneurs, students, artists, small businesses.

FABLAB ROMANIA excels in tailor-made personalised production, as well as empowering individuals to create smart products covering their needs. These products can be tailored to local or personal needs in ways that are not practical or economical using mass production.

FABLAB ROMANIA’s skills and expertise can be summarised along the four following axes:

  • Knowledge of product design;
  • Knowledge of relevant state-of-the-art equipment;
  • Ability to work with relevant state-of-the-art equipment.

Moreover, amongst the main assets of FABLAB ROMANIA is the well-structured effective production team.

ToyLabs Involvement

Based on the organisation’s vast relevant background, FABLAB ROMANIA will be heavily involved in both of the project’s pilot cases (namely Mechanical Puzzle Toys Pilot and Dolls & Accessories Pilot).

In addition, FABLAB ROMANIA will be actively involved in the project’s Dissemination, Communication and Community Building work package.


FABLAB (FABrication LABoratory) ROMANIA is a small-scale workshop offering (personal) digital fabrication