Blog Post: The Integrated ToyLabs Platform – V1

Welcome to ToyLabns

The first prototype version of the integrated ToyLabs platform has already been released. The description of the platform is detailed below, whilst at the same time, the source code of the developed software, can be found in the project’s GitHub Repository, located at

The Platform architecture

From a platform architecture scope, the three added value components are integrated through three component connectors respectively, as shown in the following diagram.

ToyLans Architecture                       

Below, we provide an overview of the platform’s core components.

The Market Trends Analysis Component

Market Trend Analysis

Users initiating this component, are able to:

  • Initialize the process of Data Harvesting from social media and other defined web sources
  • Perform Trend Analysis in the domain based on given parameters
  • Collect and analyze Customers’ Feedback as expressed in the web and the social networks


The Partner Matching and Negotiation Component

The PMN component has the highest level of integration and for the end user could be considered as an actual part of the core platform. It allows the user to: 

  • Seek for collaborators based on specific criteria out from a pool of other users
  • Get recommendations from the system regarding possible collaborators based on specific thresholds
  • Send specific collaboration requests to other users identified through the search results
  • Exchange contracts to seal an agreement for collaboration


Partner Matching

The Augmented Reality Feedback Component

The ARF component is able to:

  • Visualize existing Augmented Reality models and prepare them for public/private display to end users (manufacturers)
  • Setup questionnaires linked to Augmented Reality models (manufacturers)
  • Download Augmented Reality models and visualise them (end users)
  • Provide comments and answer questionnaires linked to the downloaded Augmented Reality models (end users)

AR Component


Stay tuned for our next blogpost about the integrated Toylabs Platform!!

To visit the platform yourself, visit