Work Structure

ToyLabs, being an Innovation Action, has a clear eye on the latest market developments in order to reach a market-ready level and release the project's results into the EU market.

Thus, it is designed as a project lasting 18 months, which are considered by the consortium adequate to perform all the necessary work and ideal for placing an intuitive and modern solution on the market as soon as possible.

The proposed strategy aims at putting the right emphasis (i.e. effort and time) in the proper milestones towards the timely, successful and effective realisation of all intermediate steps before delivering the final ToyLabs solution and results. Therefore, the ToyLabs work plan is structured along five main points:

  • The elicitation of stakeholders’ requirements, aimed at setting foundations for the rest of the project - WP1
  • The definition of a solid, cohesive and inclusive methodology for creativity enhancement and innovation cycles acceleration in the first steps of the project’s potential implementation, in order to guide the following steps - WP2
  • The design and development of  intuitive ICT components that cover all required functionalities arising from the identified requirements and the guidelines stemming from the methodology - WP3
  • The integration of these components into the final ToyLabs platform – WP4
  • The piloting, demonstration and evaluation of the envisaged benefits of the ToyLabs methodology and supportive ICT solution – WP5

WP1 and WP2 form the Preparation phase for the project, while WP3 and WP4 compose the Development phase. WP5 represents all activities of the Testing phase on the pilots’ use cases.

WP6, WP7 and WP8 represent all the horizontal, supporting activities of the project and can be seen as parallel activities for the Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation of the project’s results, as well as the construction of a Business Innovation Planning and the Project Coordination.

In the course of the 18 months’ duration of ToyLabs, at least two iterations will be realised in all core components of the whole endeavour (e.g. methodology, platform development).

Thus, the feedback received after the first (or pre-final in general) iteration will play a significant role towards delivering a product of real added value to all identified stakeholders and make a successful market entry.

Presentation of the overall structure of the Work Plan
Presentation of the overall structure of the Work Plan


You can view the work plan inter-relations here.